Curtis-Horne Christian School

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Curtis Horne Christian School (CHCS) is an independent school operated by the Seventh-day Adventist churches in Regina. It has served the Regina area with quality Christian education since 1932. The name has evolved somewhat over the years. It began as Regina Seventh-day Adventist The Regina Academy, then Curtis-Horne Junior Academy, and most recently (2000) with its current name, Curtis-Horne Christian School.Seventh-day Adventist Academy was started in 1932 after a series of evangelistic meetings by Pastor Ruskjer, who was president of the Canadian Union Conference at that time. A building was purchased from the Catholic Church and divided into a church and school. In 1949, the school was moved into the back of the church at Montreal Street and 15th Avenue. This school continued until the new church was built at Hill Avenue and Kings Road. For two years school was conducted in the Primary division room.

In the fall of 1968 the ground breaking ceremonies were held on the land adjacent to the new church and construction began. Much volunteer labour was used and a two-room school was ready for occupancy by the fall of 1969.

An addition to the school was built in 1985. A gymnasium, extra classroom, science lab, library and extra washrooms were added. Once again much volunteer labour was used and generous donations were raised from the church and church membership.

Since then, much has been done to bring our school up to acceptable standards to carry on a school program with high quality in order that our students will become good citizens, not only for this world, but also for the world to come.


CHCS has grown steadily from its inception as an elementary school to the current status as a complete Kindergarten to Grade 9 school. The school is accredited by the Government of Saskatchewan as an Independent School and by the Accrediting Association of Seventh-day Adventist Schools, Colleges and Universities.

CHCS is governed by an Operating Board made up of representatives from the two Seventh-day Adventist constituent churches of Regina. It is supervised by the Manitoba Saskatchewan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Office of Education.



Curtis-Horne Christian School
3718 Hill Ave | Regina, SK S4S 0X5